About Us

Since 1996, we have been providing the best Fantasy Sports experience to you, the Fantasy Enthusiast!

Like some of you "old-timers", I started playing Fantasy Sports with my friends in college, around 1993, back when we had to get our stats from a newspaper and write them out by hand, unfathomable to a lot of you now!

When I wanted to take my fantasy game to the next level and really test my skills, I started to look for a Fantasy Service.

Not many of them back in the late 1990's but I came across Mr. Sports Fantasy Service in the back of a magazine. Ever since joining in 1996, I continued down the rabbit hole. After several years of playing, I needed more. So, in 2009, I was fortunate enough to become the owner of Mr. Sports and what a fun journey it has been.

My passion is people and although there are almost 100 leagues, I have a personal connection with each fantasy enthusiast.

Now, in 2021, with a brand new site, my passion for Fantasy Sports has never been higher!

I hope you join me on the Fantasy Sports Journey of having fun, making friends and hopefully, winning some League Titles and getting into the Hall of Fame!